Vision Kovai Mission 10


Coimbatore City is the second largest and second most important city in Tamil Nadu. Coimbatore Region is counted as one of the fastest growing top 20 centers of economic activity in India. It contributes to a large extent to the Gross State Domestic Product next to Chennai. It leads the country in the fields of Textile, Textile Machinery, Castings, Pump Sets and Poultry Products. It has a sizeable share in many industries like Paper, Jewelry and Auto Components.

Coimbatore Region contributes more than Rs. 3,500 Crores per year as taxes to State and Central Governments. It earns more than Rs. 25,000 Crores of valuable foreign exchange. There are more than 25,000 Registered Industries employing lakhs of people in trade and industry, and has been a region attracting workers not only from Tamil Nadu, but also from all over India.


For the past 30 years other than 6 Rail Over Bridges no new road, rail or any other infrastructural projects have been implemented. As a consequence, its infrastructure is under severe strain. Coimbatore has kept up its reputation of self reliance and added to its facilities wherever it can. But there certain areas where Governments alone can act.

At Present 12 Ministries at the Central Level directly look after Infrastructure are inclusion of Rural Development, Environment, Industry & Commerce, Heavy Industries raises the count to 16 adding Planning Commission, Finance, PMO and Cabinet Secretary (CCI & PMG) raises the no of involved institution at the Central to 20. They are coordinating with 30 states. It is high time such coordination was instituted thru the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Over 110 trade, industrial and non-government organizations have joined together in this effort to draw up a list of ten most urgent needs of Coimbatore. We have also invited public opinion on this. We plan to take them up with the political parties, and the candidates in the General Election 2014.

About Coimbatore

We firmly believe that these 10 projects can be completed in 5 years within the term of the next Lok Sabha. We expect that these projects would require an investment of about Rs. 10,000 Crores, except Electricity Projects. Coimbatore deserves this investment, considering its contribution to the State and the Country.

We do believe that the investment made in Coimbatore City will bring in great dividends to Tamil Nadu and India in terms of employment creation, economic activity and taxes.

We the people of Coimbatore, represented here by the various associations, demand them. We will keep demanding it until they are completed. We will monitor evaluate the performance of our elected legislators and the State and Union Government in terms of the progress made towards them, and make to the people.

  • C.R. Swaminathan

  • President
  • RAAC
  • R.R. Balasundharam

  • President
  • The Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Coimbatore

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