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Animal welfare

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Animal welfare

The inception of the animal care program marked a significant milestone as it initiated with the implementation of the Dog Birth Control Surgeries project, headquartered at the Ukkadam center. The Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation faced a pressing and pervasive issue concerning the escalating population of unchecked stray dogs, particularly concentrated in the Ukkadam area. The unchecked proliferation of these stray dogs had become a matter of serious concern, prompting the Corporation to take decisive action to address the problem. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the Corporation devised a strategy to curtail the burgeoning population of stray dogs by means of surgical interventions. 

This involved the implementation of birth control surgeries for dogs, a humane approach aimed at managing the issue at its root cause. By sterilizing these stray dogs, the Corporation aimed to effectively control their reproduction and thus gradually diminish their numbers in a sustainable manner. Notably, the successful execution of this initiative was made possible through the generous support of Annamalai Agencies, a socially responsible entity that stepped forward as a sponsor, contributing a sum of Rs. 2 lakhs. This sponsorship served as a crucial catalyst for launching the project, ensuring the availability of necessary resources and funds required to carry out the birth control surgeries. Collaboration between the district administration and RAAC was instrumental in driving this effort forward. Recognizing the need for collective action, the authorities reached out to potential sponsors to support the project financially. In a noteworthy display of corporate social responsibility (CSR), the Martin group stepped up and generously committed a significant sum of 18 lakhs from its CSR funds to aid the cause. 

Emperor Textiles Tiruppur have also come forward to donate sum of Rs.5 lakhs towards Dog Birth Control Surgeries. The project has just taken off in collaboration with the Vajra Foundation. As the initiative progressed, it became evident that the concerted efforts of the Corporation, RAAC being the implementing agency, and the Vajra Foundation were yielding positive results. The impact of the birth control surgeries began to manifest in the gradual reduction of the stray dog population, offering a glimmer of hope for a more harmonious coexistence between humans and animals in the Ukkadam area. The timeline for the project was set to culminate by March 2024, signifying a comprehensive effort to complete the sterilization surgeries across the targeted stray dog population. This projected completion date showcased the commitment of the stakeholders involved to bring about lasting change and sustainable solutions to the issue of unchecked stray dog population growth.