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ITC WOW Project

RAAC - Residents Awareness Association of Coimbatore

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ITC WOW Project

I’m happy to share the news that ITC is ready to sign their Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with us. This significant event will surely mark a historical milestone for RAAC and the city of Coimbatore. The next generation will be able to breathe easy, thanks to our commitment to creating a plastic waste-free city. I thank all office bearers especially our President Mr.R.R.Bala Sundram for taking great pains to explain each and every questions from ITC during their due diligence process.

ITC wow project has taken off in full swing across CBE and MTP. The project funded from ITC has started awareness campaign in MTP. About 13000 houses have been given bags for collection of dry waste, out of which about 70% of households have started giving segregated waste. About 525 commercial establishment have also started giving waste and the same is sent to DRCC for further processing. We have started wealth out of waste programmes in schools too and many schools are covered. Students have been benefitted by getting new stationery in place of old newspapers ,books and cardboard etc they bring. Many villages like KALANGAL, chettipalayam, Perur, etc have evinced interest in waste segregation and Raac is in talks with its support partners for implementation. Also many villages in and around Mettupalayam like Sikkadaspalayam, Karamadai etc are ready to sign MOU for waste segregation. A beginning has been made and we should work for a litter free city in the days to come. Dindigul municipality is also getting ready for waste segregation.Also dry waste resource centres are being put up in many villages with support of local administration.