Projects 2023 - 2024

Hirotec SWM at Keeranatham

RAAC - Residents Awareness Association of Coimbatore

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Hirotec SWM at Keeranatham

       Keeranatham Panchayath waste management system was in total disarray because of floating population and since it was a IT corridor the littrement points in various places presented an eyesore for the residents and passers by. Hirotec stepped in as part of their CSR Initiative and in partnership with RAAC decided to take the issue head on and pumped in funds.

        The MOU was signed and the project took off from 1st September 2023. Two Electric vehicles were purchased and two teams were inducted to clear all the littrement and an awareness campaign was started with the help of Hirotec volunteers and RAAC’s own volunteers. Many residents started giving segregated waste and Recompose Recycling took up the waste management. The project was an instant success and all the littrement points were cleared and now when you drive through the IT corridor not a single place you will find waste scattered.

         The points were then planted with flowering plants and segregated waste was recycled. All the roads which Hirotec decided to implement is now free of any littrement. The SWM at Keetanatham will pave way for many such projects in the near future.