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Green House - Kandivizhi ​

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Green House - Kandivizhi ​

     Kandivizhi is a tribal settlement nestled in Anaikatti, comprising 15 Irula families. The struggle for a decent living was evident, as many of these families resided in inadequate, leaking houses, facing the wrath of nature. However, a ray of hope emerged when Mr. Joshua, who sold his ancestral property, selflessly donated the entire amount for the welfare of the tribals. With this noble gesture, five houses were built and handed over to those in need. Still, six families remained without homes, and they sought Mr. Joshua’s aid to construct houses for them. With the Chief Minister’s Greenhouse project, the government sanctioned a subsidy of Rs.3 lakhs. 

     Though the intent was there, the funds fell short, leaving the houses incomplete. An appeal was made to the then Coimbatore Collector, Mr. G.S. Sameeran, for support. He took the initiative and contacted RAAC, who, in turn, approached M/s. Propel Industries. In a commendable act of corporate social responsibility (CSR), M/s. Propel Industries generously donated Rs.10.5 lakhs, allowing the successful completion of these six houses, each spanning around 330 sq ft. Continuing the efforts to uplift the downtrodden, the Tamilnadu Government planned seven more houses under the Green House scheme. However due to insufficient funds, only half of the houses were built and left unfinished. Stepping forward once again, Mrs. Vidhya Selvakumar, Director of M/s. Propel Industries, sanctioned an additional Rs.3 lakhs from their CSR funds. With renewed support, the construction of the unfinished houses resumed, completing them within the allocated time. 

     Finally, the dream of owning their own houses came true for the tribals, as the keys were handed over to the beneficiaries in a ceremony graced by Mrs. Vidhya Selvakumar, Director of M/s. Propel Industries, and RAAC officials, in the presence of Mr.Kranthi Kumar Pati, IAS. The significant contribution from M/s. Propel Industries’ CSR funds truly transformed the living conditions of the tribals, and RAAC stood proud as a supporting partner in this remarkable project.