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Observation Home at Lakshmi Mills Junction

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Observation Home at Lakshmi Mills Junction

        The Juvenile delinquents observation home was started in 1938 by the British Government.The home comes under the care of District Child protection Office as well as Department of Social Defence. Children who come from poor economic background are drawn into commiting crimes because of poor parental intervention in their upbringing .This observation home plays a vital role in their reformation and leading normal lives. These homes take care of these children for a particular period. The observation home is like their second home and the home was in a pathetic state when BOSCH stepped in to fund various infrastructure needs. 

        It was not so comfortable to live. Bosch CSR under its education portfolio decided to convert this home into reformation centre and give new lease of life to the inmates. In the previous year basic infrastructure needs were taken care of. Skills were imparted to help them feel a sense of achievement. The project was taken up to reduce inequalities faced by socially and economically backward groups. The Juvenile Act says the convicts should be kept in special homes to enable them to transform. However the living conditions were improved in first phase the previous year and a multi purpose hall was proposed for the overall development of children. 

           New activities like indoor sports centre were planned and officials hoped the home with new caring ecosystem will help juveniles reform and reintegrate into the society. The activity involved was Infrastructure upgradation, a multipurpose hall, Allied Infrastructure procurement and set-up and Personality development initiatives. RAAC was given the task of overseeing the Infrastructure upgradation work and ensure the facilities were well utilized by the beneficiaries. It should also ensure it is maintained well. Infrastructure and allied infrastructure are updated and extra curricular activities like Orgami, Music classes, skits and dramas were conducted. About 100 children are expected to be benefitted because of these improvements. 

            The total project cost of Rs.16.86 lakhs were sanctioned from Bosch Global Software Technologies ltd as part of their CSR initiative. The project was completed well on time and the District administration was pleased with the results. The upgraded and new indoor sports centre in observation home was inaugurated by Mr.Kranthi Kumar Pati , IAS , in the august presence of Mr.Saghai Dennis , Head of engineering, Bosch and Mr.R.R.Balasundharam, RAAC President and Treasurer Mr. S. Devaraj.