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Blood Donation Vehicle for Anaikaragal​

RAAC - Residents Awareness Association of Coimbatore

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Blood Donation Vehicle for Anaikaragal​

        In response to a pressing need for a reliable means of transporting blood donation volunteers to hospitals on emergency requests , RAAC the supporting NGO and M/s. Propel Industries, stepped up with their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds to support various socially beneficial activities. One of their initiatives was to assist fund seekers by engaging in projects that aimed to improve the community. One of the significant projects they took on was the establishment of a whatsapp group led by Utthiram Gopi from Utthiram Foundation. 

           The purpose of this group was to facilitate blood donations for patients in hospitals who urgently required blood. Given the critical nature of these cases, it was crucial to have a dedicated vehicle on hand at all times to pick up donors from their respective locations and transport them swiftly to meet the needs of the patients. As many of the donors were situated at distant places, owning a vehicle became a necessity. Recognizing the importance of this endeavor, Mrs. Vidhya Senthil, the Director of M/s. Propel Industries, generously offered her support by sponsoring a ”Mahindra Bolero’ Vehicle worth 12 lakhs for the Utthiram Foundation. 

          This signific ant contribution would help ensure the timely and com f ortable transportation of blood donors to hospitals in need. The official handover of key and vehicle was given by District collector Mr. Kranthi Kumar Pati, IAS in the distinguished presence of Mrs. Vidhya Senthil, Director (CSR and Branding) of Propel Industries, Mr. R.R.Balasundharam, President of RAAC and Mr.J.Thulasidharan, Vice President of RAAC. Thanks to the kind contribution from M/s. Propel Industries and the support of dedicated volunteers like Utthiram Gopi and his friends, the blood donation initiative was now equipped with a reliable means of transportation, reinforcing their ability to respond to urgent medical needs promptly and efficiently. Additionally, it’s worth noting that M/s. Propel Industries’ commitment to various other social projects, such as housing development and education, showcases their dedication to improving the welfare of the society at large.