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Wellness centre at Keeranatham

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Wellness centre at Keeranatham​

      A wellness centre for people with diabilities with emphasis on early Intervention and Infrastructure support was proposed at keeranatham and Bosch again came forward to support the project with RAAC as supporting partner. Early Intervention is the key to ensure infants and toddlers are not subject to disabilities or development delays. To ensure that Infants are not having development delays or disabilities, screening tests and diagnostic tests are conducted on them. Some children develop more slowly than others or develop in ways that seem different from other children. Any deviation from normal development must be sensed immediately and remedial action taken before its too late. 

      The Central Government has taken a initiative to detect early and early Intervention to cover the for “D”s viz Defect at Birth, difficiencies, disceases, disability, and development delays including disability. To address this issue in Coimbatore , Bosch tied up with RAAC in doing its best. As part of the programme are services providing delivery point screening, New born follow – up,pediatric dental issues, referral support, follow-up of cases and surgical support by coordinating with respective surgical departments ,Bosch is taking up the programme to support Coimbatore District administration in setting up a wellness centre for people with disabilities with emphasis on early Intervention at Keeranatham. The centre will act as a spoke and the District Early Intervention Centre in Hospitals will act as the hub and through this hub and spoke model most of the population will be prevented from becoming disabled at an early age. Coimbatore Spastic Trust and RAAC partner this programme. 

        CST will play a role for smooth Intervention delivery and RAAC will set up Infrastructure as per government norms with proper approvals obtained from the health department. The project aim is to support lives of the differently abled and ensure all boys and girls have access to quality early childhood development care and pre primary education, so they are ready for school primary education. And achieve universal health coverage including financial risk protection and access to safe, quality, effective and affordable essential medicines and vaccines for all. Since there is only one District Early Intervention centre in Coimbatore, people from far areas had difficulty reaching them. Since there was a urgent need for this centre to be set-up Infrastructure support will be arranged by RAAC in consultation and approvals from health officials. 

        RAAC ensures good coordination between the DEIC and wellness centre. The centre is one of its kind in Tamilnadu and thank Bosch for its support in this venture. The total cost of the project comes to Rs.25.98 lakhs. The project is unique and many such projects will help in easing the burden of the government. The project work commenced in November 2022 and was inaugurated on 31.08.2023 by district Collector Mr.Kranthi Kumar Pati I.A.S