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Requirements for PHC'S

RAAC - Residents Awareness Association of Coimbatore

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Requirements for PHC'S

             In and around the city of Coimbatore, the Public Health Centers (PHCs) had put forward a significant request for various essential items to improve their healthcare facilities. The requested items ranged from household fridges and mini fridges to critical medical equipment such as inverters, ECG machines, wheelchairs, microscopes, otoscopes, infant warmers, autoclaves, CTG machines, labor tables, focus lamps, fogging machines, nebulizers, phototherapy units, semi-auto analyzers, and many others. 

          The Department of Public Health compiled a comprehensive list of these requirements, coming from different PHCs spanning the areas from Vellalore to Karamadai. Meeting these needs was crucial for enhancing the overall healthcare services and ensuring better patient care in the region. Thankfully, the funding for fulfilling these requests came from a generous organization called ZF, which took up the responsibility of providing financial support. ZF’s contribution was truly remarkable, as they stepped forward to sponsor the entire cost of around Rs. 30 lakhs, making it possible for the PHCs to acquire the much-needed equipment and appliances. 

        The outcome of ZF’s funding and support was highly impactful. The RAAC, the organization responsible for coordinating the efforts, expressed their sincere gratitude to ZF for their invaluable support. Thanks to ZF’s generosity and dedication, the healthcare centers requirements were entirely met, enabling them to improve their services, diagnosis capabilities, and patient care. This collaboration between the Public Health Department, ZF, and RAAC exemplifies the positive impact that can be achieved through public & private partnerships in healthcare. The people and the surrounding areas are undoubtedly the primary beneficiaries of this joint effort, as they now have access to enhanced medical facilities, better diagnostic tools, and improved healthcare services overall. The success of this endeavor serves as an inspiring example for other organizations and communities to come together for the greater good of public health.