Vision Kovai Mission 10


RAAC - Residents Awareness Association of Coimbatore

Let’s create a peaceful, healthy living environment together!

Central Government grant to JNNURM Scheme must be increased for the speedy and timely implementation of the projects. Permanent housing for slum dwellers, Pilloor II Water Scheme and road development works should be given priority.

There are 200 slums in Coimbatore with 20,000 households having an estimated 30,000 families with a population of 200,000. More than three-fourths of the slums are on poromboke land, government tank area, burial grounds highway department lands, Revenue Departments Lands, Housing Board lands etc., A few slums are found along the railway track while others are planned hut settlement slums.

  • In the JNNURM Scheme, the City Development Plan proposes to construct 25000 new houses and to upgrade existing houses. Housing should be provided to all the people in 200 slums with street lights, roads, drainage facilities public conveniences with water supply.
  • All those slums in the water bodies and canals should be removed and relocated immediately.
  • Pilloor II Water Supply Scheme is to be implemented, and water supply must be provided 24 x 7 basis through effective water management.
  • Improvement of quality and quantity of the water supplied at the customer end must be ensured.
  • The old water supply distribution networks in the City should be replaced with a higher size considering the present and future needs. .
  • Additional storage reservoir capacities should be created to meet the future demands.
  • Wastage and spillage in public taps should be monitored by a flying squad and should be rectified then and there.
  • The underground drainage system is to be extended to the entire City Corporation limits. Open drainage water is to be treated before it is let into the water bodies.
  • Sufficient sewage water treatment plants are to be installed near the water bodies.
  • Necessary equipments and tools for cleaning of the blockages in the systems should be available with the wards to attend the calls from public.
  • Households must be educated for segregation of waste at source.
  • Door to Door collection of waste must be ensured 100% on a daily basis.
  • Collection and safe dispose of Bio-degradable waste is to be ensured.
  • The street sweeping activities can be given to private contractors.
  •  The collection and transportation of garbage must be mechanized.
  •  The abandoned quarries in around the City can be used as landfill sites and dumping of garbage at Vellalore yard must be stopped.
  •  Feasibility study should be made for producing electricity from waste so that a part the power needs of Coimbatore can be taken care of.
  •  The government of India grant to JNNURM Scheme should be increased to 70%.
  • All the roads in the city must be widened end to end.
  • Adequate infrastructure facilities footpaths for pedestrians and separate lanes for cyclists must be created in all roads with more than 40ft width.
  •  Suitable measures to decongest city center must be introduced

All the components of the JNNURM scheme are to be implemented within the time frame. Central Government Grant to our City should be increased for the speedy implementation of the Scheme.