Vision Kovai Mission 10

Sports Tourism Heritage

RAAC - Residents Awareness Association of Coimbatore

Let’s create a peaceful, healthy living environment together!

Parks, Playgrounds, and sports facilities should be created on all arterial roads of Coimbatore. Development of tourism facilities around large water bodies and nearby scenic hills to be created. Perur must be developed as “HERITAGE TOWN.”

The quality of life of the residents of Coimbatore also depends on the facilities available for physical fitness and entertainment. Tourist spots provide recreation and economic benefit too. Preservation of heritage spots is our duty for the future generation.

Coimbatore’s existing facilities for sports and games are grossly inadequate for its burgeoning population. No new facility has come up after the building up of the Nehru Stadium in early 70s. The crowds thronging Race Course, VOC Park and other public places should prove the need. The following are some of the suggestions in this matter.

  • All reserved designated areas park should be developed.
  • All reserved designated areas park should be developed.
  • An indoor stadium with 5000 seating capacity to be located at 2.03 ac in VOC Park.
  • An international size swimming pool should be constructed.

All corporation school grounds should be improved for elder's use till 9 am.

  • The Planetarium is a must to a city like Coimbatore.
  •  Another multi-purpose stadium in the western part of the city.
  • Walkers’ path on the bunds of the major tanks, at least five in the next 5 years.
  • At least three picnic spots, preferably on the banks of the ponds with boating facilities.

The Small Causes Court, near Anna Flyover on Avinashi Road, should be renovated in keeping with its status as heritage building and should be put to use as a museum to showcase the history of Coimbatore region.

Perur has been recognized as one of the heritage towns in Coimbatore. It is also a religious center and is emerging as a cultural center too. It needs attention to improve its facilities and appearance in all these areas. Some of the facilities needed here are:

  • A Master Plan, with appropriate rules for buildings preserving its heritage status and ambiance as a religious and cultural center.
  • Creating a large enough area for parking and for hired vehicles and buses.
  • Building an amphitheater for cultural programs.
  • Removing the encroachments on the road to the river and on the river banks, paving the road on the river banks, creating facilities for funeral and post-funeral rites.
  •  Water supply and sewage treatment plants for the town sufficient for its large floating population.

These are just a beginning an area which has not received the attention of the Governments and public.