Vision Kovai Mission 10

Urban Development

RAAC - Residents Awareness Association of Coimbatore

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Coimbatore Urban Development Authority akin to the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority should be formed. Master Plan of 1994 and Building Rules (DCR) should be reviewed considering the present and future needs.

The unplanned growth and building activities in both residential apartments, commercial complexes and swelling population of vehicles are creating an enormous strain on the existing infrastructure. The most affected by this problem are those small residential colonies which are basically designed and equipped only for individual houses. Apartments, Group housings, and commercial complexes are being built even in small narrow roads without adequate infrastructure.

Therefore, in the interests of efficient development management, it is right time to bring in a well thought out planning and building development guidelines to enable the government to put in place a transparent DCR and an enforcing mechanism.

So for a planned growth and sustained development of Coimbatore the following suggestions are to be considered and implemented.

  • A separate body called CUDA (Coimbatore Urban Development Authority) shall be formed, in lines similar to Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority.
  • Since the existing Master Plan was prepared about 20 years ago, i.e., in 1994, present land use may not be the same at present. Therefore, Master Plan maps with present land use may be prepared both for Coimbatore and Local Planning Area.
  • Industries and Institutions function within the corporation area, when they shift the operation, the land shall automatically be converted for residential or commercial and other permissible uses.
  • Due to outdated zoning parameters, Industrial and other developments are happening in all areas in an unplanned manner. To facilitate orderly peripheral development of the city, we have identified specific areas for specific development as detailed below based on various factors.