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Nalaiya Vingyani

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Nalaiya Vingyani

       Nalaiya Vingyani, a regional Science centre (RSC), was established to cater to the bright students in Gov ernment Corporation schools, focusing on Science e duca tion. Approximately 1500 students actively participated in this initiative. Prior to entering the RSC, all students underwent a pre-assessment test to gauge their abilities. The students received training and guidance from the Mango Education Team, which played a vital role in assisting them with their subject matter. This comprehensive approach helped the students grasp various scientific concepts effectively. After the training period, the students underwent a test, and their grades were awarded based on their performance and attitude towards learning. 

        Among the participants, the students who achieved the highest grades were selected for further recognition. The top seven pupils were identified and assessed based on their performance in various sessions and assignments. These outstanding students were rewarded with special gifts as an acknowledgment of their dedication and achievements. To accommodate all students, the assessment sessions were divided into two batches, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Each batch consisted of 60 students, totaling 120 beneficiaries from different Corporation schools. 

     In another positive development, 1200 students from Corporation Girls School in Oppanakara Street had the opportunity to visit the RSC as part of the Nalaiya Vingyani Initiative. These students were taken to the centre each week, with seven of the best among them being identified and recognized for their exceptional performance. The successful implementation of Nalaiya Vingyani is made possible by the generous support of M/s. Propel Industries, which has pledged an amount of Rs. 6 lakhs towards the RSC. Their commitment to the cause has been instrumental in ensuring the continuation and growth of this initiative.

       Mango Education Team continues to serve as the knowledge partner, offering their expertise to enrich the learning experience of the students. Alongside, Propel Industries plays a significant role as the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partner, contributing to the overall development of the students and the centre. Moreover, RAAC remains a steadfast supporting partner, providing consistent assistance to the RSC in its mission to nurture young scientific minds. In conclusion, Nalaiya Vingyani has proven to be a transformative platform for government school students to explore and excel in the field of Science. Through collaborative efforts from various partners and the dedication of the students themselves, this initiative is making a positive impact on the education landscape, creating a brighter future for the young minds of the region.