Education 2023

Skill Building Project

RAAC - Residents Awareness Association of Coimbatore

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Skill Building Project

            The new project aimed at skill-building and community development, with Bosch and RAAC being the key players in its implementation. The project encompasses workshops, volunteering engagements, and neighbourhood upliftment initiatives. The proposed project includes the following components: 

1. Workshops: The project will conduct workshops to facilitate collaboration between volunteers and other NGO partners in various projects. These workshops aim to equip volunteers with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively contribute to community upliftment. 

2. Volunteering Engagements: The project emphasizes the active involvement of volunteers in carrying out community development projects. Volunteers from Bosch and possibly other organizations will participate in activities focused on making a positive impact in specific communities. 

3. Neighbourhood Upliftment: The project recognizes the needs of the community and intends to address them through a neighbourhood upliftment initiative. This effort aims to improve the living conditions and overall well-being of the community members. 

4. Geographic Scope: The project will take place in multiple cities, namely Bangalore, Coimbatore, Pune, and Hyderabad. This demonstrates a broad geographical focus, allowing for a wider reach and impact of the initiatives.

5. RAAC’s Involvement: RAAC plays a crucial role as the implementing partner in this project. It actively supports the fulfillment of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requirements. RAAC collaborates with Bosch in various aspects, including volunteering, skill-building, and neighbourhood upliftment projects. 

6. Skill Building for Volunteers: The project emphasizes the importance of skill-building for volunteers. Training and development programs are conducted to raise awareness in the community and effectively carry out neighbourhood projects. 

7. Funding and Support: The total project cost is Rs. 19.51 lakhs, and RAAC is responsible for disbursing the funds to facilitate the smooth execution of the initiatives. 

8. Partnership and Pride: Both Bosch and RAAC express pride in being partners in this project. Their collaboration showcases a commitment to social responsibility and community development. Overall, this project presents a comprehensive approach to skill-building, community engagement, and social impact, with Bosch and RAAC jointly working towards a common goal of making a positive difference in the communities they serve.