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Scale scholarships

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Scale scholarships

      Scale (Scholarships Catapult Aspirations and Lead Excellence)Scholarships helps to unlock an equitable Access to Children of Marginilized and Economically backward Communities. RAAC was selected as the implementing Partner and a statement of Work was signed between BOSCH Global Software Technologies and RAAC. The objective of this CSR project of Bosch is to fund and promote education of marginalized children and youth disproportionately affected by Covid 19 pandemic. To accelerate their education ,scholarships play a major role in bringing them into mainstream education. 

      Many students were referred and a chance was given to Boschlers to refer from their own contacts of those who were marginalized. SCALE 2023 will unlock talent from new applications and Boshchlers could also take part in the initiative. Scholarships were processed after careful evaluation and many were benefitted. Repeat scholars were also gauged based on their performance and desire to excel in Education. Mentoring initiative from experts in domain knowledge were appointed to assess and support students. The project will continue till February 2024 and and progress updates are monitored. The scale scholarship initiative will continue till Feb 2024 along with digital aids deployment like Computers, educational aids etc. The mentoring initiative will run concurrently. The mentor will guide the mentee by advising him accordingly and working on their strengths. 

       RAAC is supporting in disbursement of scholarships given by Bosch and disbursing payments to vendors and needy students. Online platform initiative will help in improved version and will eliminate manual monitoring. The project expects about 1000 applicants out of which 500 will from Boschler reference and balance SCALE scholarships. The mentoring initiative will have at least 25 mentors and digital aid like computers and tables around 10 numbers. The total cost of the project will be Rs.56.70 Lakhs out of which the bulk amount of Rs.40 lakhs is allotted for SCALE Scholarships and RAAC supports in disbursing the amount. Platform building is another area where 11 lakhs will be spent .The Honorariums for mentor Initiative is also disbursed. The project will ensure children come up in life and fulfill their dreams and ambition.Its is sustainable and promotes the habit of giving to the lesser privileged.