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Work Camps at Schools and Anganwadi

RAAC - Residents Awareness Association of Coimbatore

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Work Camps at Schools and Anganwadi

            The Department of Social Education launched three welfare schemes to enhance the education status of the state.Many students were shifting to private schools from Government schools.However there has been a substantial increase after improvement of infrastructure.To support the governments needs ,basic infrastructure and allied infrastructure are areas to be looked into and through work camps, Bosch stepped in to assess the requirements. Bosch neighbourhood schools sent their request and Bosch in partnership with RAAC fulfilled the needs.RAAC got the necessary approvals from the district administration and progress was to be monitored. 

               The aim of this project is to promote quality infrastructure in government schools. Six government schools with primary, middle and higher secondary schools were chosen and after assessing their basic needs, infrastructure support was the need of the hour. Extra curricular activities were minimal and to help improve learning levels ,important requirements were fulfilled. Bosch and RAAC came together, the needs were fulfilled and schools outlook improved with more extra curricular activities for children. The project took off in November 2022 and it ongoing. Volunteers of Bosch were guided to implement the project and RAAC had to ensure critical infrastructure are fulfilled and get the best quotes for the works. 

          The permission from Education department were also in RAAC,s scope. Panchayat Primary Union School, Idikarai, Panchayat Union Primary school, Saravanampatti, Panchayat Union Middle school, Kottaipalayam, Panchayat Union Middle School, Keeranatham, Govt Elementary school, Kalapatti, Govt Higher Secondary school, Vellaikinar and Government Children Centre(Anganwadi) Pattanampudur were the schools selected for Infrastructure improvements. The project needed critical Infrastructure and Allied Infrastructure support and construction repairs,renovation etc were carried out.BALA(Building as learning activities) viz creative painting on walls and classrooms helped in learning.Bosch supported with Volunteers for artwork and creativity. With improved infrastructure and equipments ,students from the above schools will be benefitted. 

               Students are coached in extracurricular activities and co curricular activities thereby improving in sports. The total cost of the project is 39.70 lakhs and best quotes taken and project is being implemented in the right earnest. Any saving from the projected cost will be carried forward for next project. The project will go on till April 2024. Volunteers get an opportunity to improve their creativity and fulfil learning gaps in children through teaching and other activities. RAAC will ensure smooth execution of the project. Thanks to Bosch and their Volunteers and their CSR initiatives many students benefit. A sustained development will help in their outlook too.