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PUMS Keeranatham

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PUMS Keeranatham

            The model school programme PUMS was planned to bring school Infrastructure to International levels and was conceived by the Education department and District Administration in Keeranatham. The work is in progress with the support of Bosch who have committed to fund close to 45 lakhs. The work is progressing in full swing, and the project should be completed by year-end. Additionally, classrooms as part of My Dream school Project were proposed, and Panchayath approval is pending. Funds to the tune of Rs.25 lakhs were sanctioned by Bosch for this initiative. Once the approval is obtained, the construction will commence. 

            A wellness Centre for kids was envisaged, along with an early childhood Intervention centre for special kids in and around Keeranatham. Bosch again stepped in with funds close to 26 lakhs, and the work is in progress. The construction is nearing completion, and interior works are set to begin soon. Solid waste management is another area taken by RAAC and is being implemented. With the support of CCMC, the garbage is being cleared, and waste collection is in progress. Bosch has again funded close to 13 lakhs for this initiative, and it is expected to be completed by year-end. 

In summary: 

1. The model school programme PUMS was planned for International-level school infrastructure in Keeranatham. 

2. The project is in progress with Bosch’s support funding of 45 lakhs. 

3. It is expected to be completed by year-end. 

4. My Dream school Project proposes additional classrooms, awaiting Panchayath approval. 

5. Bosch has sanctioned Rs. 25 lakhs for this project. 

6. Construction will begin after approval is obtained. 

7. A wellness centre for kids and an early childhood intervention centre for special kids were proposed. 

8. Bosch provided funds close to 26 lakhs for these initiatives, and work is underway. 

9. Construction is nearing completion, and interior works will begin soon. 

10. RAAC is implementing solid waste management.