Environment 2023


RAAC - Residents Awareness Association of Coimbatore

Let’s create a peaceful, healthy living environment together!

      Waste Management is a critical aspect that holds the key to our future. With landfills overflowing and posing numerous health hazards to nearby residents, finding a permanent solution to this issue has become imperative. Failing to address this problem will result in severe environmental consequences, affecting the well-being of people as a whole. The starting point to overcome this challenge lies within our own homes. 

     Despite the best efforts of civic bodies, both solid and wet waste have become burdensome for already overstretched authorities. The absence of proper waste sorting and segregation exacerbates the problem, turning waste into a nuisance. The logistics of removing unsegregated waste have become a nightmare, leading to streets filled with waste around bins. This unsightly sight not only serves as an eyesore but also poses serious health risks to the nearby residents. Propel Industries contributed 2.85 lakhs towards this project. 

     One of the most significant challenges is the perennial issue of people not handing over segregated waste. However, an initiative led by RAAC sought to raise awareness among the public, starting from schools. The idea is to instill the importance of waste segregation early on, with the belief that children are the future and can play a pivotal role in rescuing the earth and the environment. 

      To promote waste segregation, RAAC provided children with two bins a red bin for dry waste like plastics and paper, and a green bin for wet waste like food scraps and vegetable cuttings. To further engage the young minds, they developed a game called BIBLU Box. This interactive game was introduced in January 2023 at SSVM school, and several students from Corporation schools participated in its launch. 

      The event was graced by the presence of esteemed personalities such as Dr. G. Sameeran, IAS, the then District Collector, and Mr. M. Prathap, the Corporation Commissioner, who joined hands to support the cause. This initiative aimed not only to encourage waste segregation but also to make the children feel like saviors of their own homes and the environment. 

        In conclusion, addressing waste management is crucial for the well-being of the environment and its inhabitants. Initiatives like the waste segregation program at schools are a step in the right direction, as they raise awareness, involve the younger generation, and inspire positive change for a cleaner and healthier future.