Environment 2023

Samarani Kuttai

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Samarani Kuttai

      The district administration undertook a desilting project as part of their efforts to maintain and improve water bodies in the region. One of the water bodies that required desilting was the “Samarani Kuttai.” To carry out the desilting project effectively, the district administration collaborated with RAAC and Bosch, a well-known company that likely specializes in engineering and technology solutions. 

      Bosch played a significant role by providing financial support for the desilting project. They allocated a sum of Rs. 8.6 lakhs to fund the project. This funding was crucial for covering various expenses related to the desilting work. The collaborative effort between RAAC, Bosch and the district administration resulted in the successful completion of the desilting project for the Samarani Kuttai. The desilting work likely involved the removal of accumulated sediment, debris, and silt from the water body. Once the project was completed, a closure report was compiled. This report documents the details of the project, the work performed, and the outcomes achieved. 

      Chinnavedampati Amaipu played a coordinating role in the desilting project. This group managed various aspects of the project, ensuring that the desilting work proceeded smoothly and efficiently. Overall, the collaboration between RAAC, Bosch and the district administration demonstrates a proactive approach to environmental management and community development, with the successful completion of the desilting project contributing to the maintenance and preservation of the Samarani Kuttai water body.