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Sarkar Samarkulam

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Sarkar Samarkulam

      The project called Sarkar Samarkulam” which was proposed and executed by the District Administration. In this journey towards reviving the Kalingarayan Kulam (SS Kulam) we have been working for 169+ weeks with better support and better involvement. 

      The greatest leap for the Kalingarayan Kulam (SS Kulam) was being incorporated in Athikadavu Avinashi project. We are expecting the surplus water to reach our lake in a few months. Over the year, the planted saplings are blooming into trees bearing flowers and fruits. The container which was erected last year has been serving as the wonderful space to the team in conducting various activities, interactives sessions to the locals. Coming to the objectives of this year, we are focused on installing a bore well which will be serving the irrigation purpose, installing a shed in front of the container room to provide better space making an effective children’s play area, building fence, installing the Lake name boards to create more engagement among the public, buying a projector and screen for conducting awareness programs, improving the nursery. 

      RAAC and implementing Partner Kowsika Neer Karangal decided to implement and to make this project a reality, Bosch, a reputed organization stepped forward and provided financial support. They contributed a substantial amount of 13.33 lakhs towards the project. This funding was crucial in ensuring the successful execution of the desilting initiative. 

      With the closure report now submitted to Bosch, it signifies the official conclusion of the project and the utilization of the funds provided. A borewell up to depth 500 ft with casing pipes and 7.5 HP motor was installed for seamless irrigation for plants and feeding birds around the container. Around 500 plants are watered and nurtured thereby increasing green cover. A shed for container with length 40’by 26’was also built for shelter during discussions, and for stray animals .A children’s play area was also completed to increase their happiness index. Thereby instilling a sense of responsibility among kids. A fence was also completed to protect the 500 plants from cattle grazing and safeguard the place. To increase awareness about importance of plantation a nursery was completed to grow saplings and educate children about the importance of trees in our life.